Comet destroys earth. Even software projects do not always run smoothly.

Do you need a solution for one of these problems?

Creating powerful and stable web applications is not always easy. I can well imagine that one of these problems will keep you from your goal:

  • You want to bring your web application to the cloud.
  • Your web application is not competitive.
  • You don't have time for development.
  • Your web application is not scalable & too expensive.

My service ranges

Now it's getting more concrete: I can offer you these services and technologies so that you can solve your problems in the long term.

Development & conception
of web applications

With AWS, Symfony, Docker, PHP & NodeJs I implement scalable and cost-effective web applications.

Migration of web applications
to Amazon AWS Cloud

I help start-ups and established companies move their existing web applications to the Amazon AWS Cloud.

Implementation of Microservices
& Serverless applications

With my know-how in distributed systems I implemented Microservices & Serverless applications.

Development & conception
of first prototypes (MVP)

I would like to help you to create testable and cost-efficient prototypes according to the 20/80 principle in a short time.

Dev-Ops tasks like Continuous Deployment & Integration

I make sure that web applications, for example, can be published every day in order to get valuable data faster.

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Bing, etc.

In addition, I offer SEO services regarding HTML5, URL construction, load time optimization and more.

How I will help your company to growth

I know there's a great vision behind your company. And I want to contribute to it! These are my top reasons for cooperation:

  • I use the experience from previous projects.
  • I develop with proven tools and concepts.
  • I do the right things at the right time.
  • My knowledge is state of the art.
  • I am officially certified in technologies like AWS.
Growing plants in space. As an IT freelancer, I will also help your project grow.

Have I convinced you? Then it's time for a request!

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Alexander Barton

I develop web applications that give companies a technological edge over the competition - no matter how complex.

AWS Certified