Alexander Barton
AWS Freelancer

The reason I offer AWS is because I've always loved writing software or IT infrastructure like the big Big Five: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon & Facebook. The fact that you can reach global customers with very little effort fascinates and motivates me again and again. Since I have understood the principles behind scalable, robust and cost-effective software after all these years, I would like to pass this knowledge on to my customers as AWS Freelancer.

Alexander Barton

This AWS Services I offer

From support to development: I offer the following services as an AWS freelancer so that you can achieve your desired goal.

Development & conception
of web applications

If you want to create a new application in the AWS or maintain, renew or optimize an existing application, then I am the right contact.

Structure of the software architecture
in the AWS Cloud

I can help you build or extend your AWS software architecture so that your developers and in-house processes can work in harmony.

Consulting around
the topic AWS

If you would like concrete information about AWS or would like to plan future features, I would be happy to offer you a detailed consultation.

Organized movement
to the AWS Cloud

If you want to bring your existing application into the AWS without downtime, I can provide the necessary IT infrastructure and perform the move safely.

Maintenance and monitoring
of existing AWS infrastructure

Would you like to keep an existing application or IT infrastructure in the AWS error-free and regularly monitored? That's no problem for me.

Globalization of your application
in the AWS Cloud

Do you want your company or shop to be accessible to customers worldwide under peak loading times and around the clock? Let me take the necessary steps.

My AWS service is suitable for...

What are the reasons for using Amazon Web Services? Very simple: If you want to grow your business quickly!


Now it's time for big business! I will help you to ensure that your company can technically upgrade to enterprise level with AWS, so that more processes and customers can be handled reliably and securely. Compliance rules and various roles within the company can also be easily mapped. This will increase sales in the long term.


How fast a start-up grows is decisive for the turnover. With AWS, I can help you to establish a technical basis on which to build. On-demand servers for the rapid flow of customers or artificial intelligence are no longer a problem. And best of all, you always stay one step ahead of the slow competition!

Shop owner

When sales in your own country are booming, it is time for a globalization of the shop to reach new customer groups. With the help of AWS it is possible within a very short time! Benefit from global availability without downtimes and fast loading times worldwide to expand your shop. Your turnover will increase immeasurably.

Official AWS-certified

In order to meet the requirements as AWS Freelancer, I have been officially certified by AWS. The validity can be verified by the Validation Number.

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Alexander Barton

I develop web applications that give companies a technological edge over the competition - no matter how complex.

AWS Certified