Alexander Barton

Shopware Freelancer since day 1

The new revised version of Shopware - the 6th generation - has been released in July 2019... and I was directly enthusiastic since the first day with it! The good thing is that the key technologies of Shopware 6 are now Symfony & Vue.js - all technologies where I already have over 7 years of experience. Nowadays, I'm still involved in the community and even develop plugins for the Community Store.

I offer these Shopware services.

As a software developer for Shopware 6 I can offer more than just installing some plugins. The following services are my everyday life:

Development & conception

I can help you to develop a new Shopware 6 store. Renewing existing stores and extending them with additional features is also no problem for me.

Migration to SW6

I migrate your customers, orders, products and other data to Shopware 6. No matter if Shopware 5, WooCommerce, Magento, Sylius or other exotic store systems.

Loading time optimization

Let me take the right measures to make your Shopware store load faster than you can say "load time". Also worldwide!


If you want to find out more about Shopware 6 or analyze the full potential of your store, I would be happy to offer you a detailed consultation.

Hosting setup

Some stores require more than simple hosting due to high demand. I would be happy to set up scalable hosting for you. Even AWS is no problem!

Headless eCommerce

For very flexible requirements with offline capabilities a headless solution based on Shopware 6 can make sense. Together with Vue.js I can develop a frontend.

My Shopware service is suitable for...

Wondering if you should use my Shopware service? If you are here, then there is no reason to hesitate.


A normal store is no longer sufficient to map the complex operating processes, keep the speed fast and still guarantee the quality? Typical problems of Enterprises! I would be happy to support you with more man-power & deep know-how to achieve your goal!

Medium sized companies

You surely notice that the requirements for a modern store are constantly increasing? Fast loading times, high availability and perhaps global accessibility have suddenly become important? Individual development too? All feasible with the right know-how!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions for me? Then feel free to look at the frequently asked questions about my Showpare 6 service.

Are you ready for cooperation? Then ask me!

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Alexander Barton

I develop web applications that give companies a technological edge over the competition - no matter how complex.

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