Alexander Barton

May I introduce myself as Wordpress Freelancer?

My name is Alexander Barton and I have been working with Wordpress for about 8 years. Through previous customer orders, countless projects and many books & courses I have gained a lot of experience and learned what the best measures, plugins and themes are to get pages in Wordpress to their maximum potential. It has always been important to me as a Wordpress freelancer to develop pages that harmonize in flexibility, loading time, design and security. Without compromise.

I offer these Wordpress services

From support to development: I offer the following services as a Wordpress freelancer so that you can achieve your desired goal.

Development & Conception

I will help you to develop a new Wordpress website. Renewing existing websites and adding new features is no problem for me.

SEO optimization

If you want your Wordpress page to be as visible as possible in search engines like Google, then there is no way around a technical SEO optimization.

Performance optimization

Let me take the right steps to make your Wordpress website or shop load faster than you can say "load time".


If you would like to find out more about Wordpress or analyze the full potential of your site, I would be happy to offer you a detailed consultation.

Maintenance and monitoring

If you just want to keep an existing website error-free and the plugins and themes up to date, I can do that for you regularly.


Do you want a modern looking and easy to understand Wordpress website? I also take care of a mobile optimized webdesign.

My Wordpress service is suitable for...

Are you wondering whether you should make use of my Wordpress service? If you are here, there is no reason to hesitate.


Would you like to grow faster as an entrepreneur with your own company presence, coaching platform or small application so that you can better position yourself online? My services in Wordpress are definitely the right choice for you!

Shop owner

Online sales will increase significantly in the future. It's good to be prepared for this as a shop owner. With WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads I can help you create modern and affordable shops that your customers will love.


Being or becoming more independent is not always so easy because you have to take care of a lot of things. So that you can create your online presence stress-free and become a customer magnet, I would like to help you with my Wordpress services.

Customer reviews

You don't have to trust me unconditionally. Just read what my customers write about my work.

Have I convinced you? Then I am looking forward to working with you!

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