Wordpress performance optimization is suitable for...

Who benefits most when the performance in Wordpress is fast again? I can say exactly that.

Marketing agencies

As a marketing agency, you naturally want to increase the visibility of the customer. And the speed of the website is an important factor! Whether better SEO in Google or less expenses for expensive campaigns: It is worth it.

Shop owner

Today's customers are impatient! Therefore a fast loading time for a shop is essential to increase sales effectively in the long run. Advertising campaigns are also becoming cheaper all of a sudden. So your customers do not jump over to faster competition.


Why give away valuable visitors and customers when you don't have to? A faster load time ensures a better positioning in Google and reduces the costs for advertising campaigns. A great foundation for fast and long-term growth.

My offered prices

I offer my Wordpress performance optimization service from the prices mentioned below. A free initial consultation is also included.

Optimize performance

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Initial consultation

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Alexander Barton

May I introduce myself?

My name is Alexander Barton and I am developing Wordpress pages for years. Since I was always annoyed that my Wordpress pages loaded slow, I taught myself over the years how to do a real Wordpress performance optimization. Now I want to pass this knowledge on to my customers, because I finally understood it.

Are you ready to improve your Wordpress loading time?

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